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Powering professionals
to deliver fitness
and wellness remotely

Free. Online. With support.

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  • Personal Trainers Personal Trainers
  • Physios & Clinicians Physios & Clinicians
  • Educators Educators
  • Coaches Coaches

Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers
Create bespoke workouts in minutes
  • Suitable for individuals and groups
  • Easily create and send training plans to your clients
  • Use our library of thousands of video demo templates or add your own from YouTube
  • Monitor the progress of clients and build engagement

Physios & Clinicians

Physios & Clinicians
Quickly develop and share rehab plans
  • Build your own exercise routines to suit your patient needs
  • Send bespoke rehab plans and track progress
  • Access thousands of exercise video demos
  • Gather stats on engagement, progress, pain levels, and mood


Lead and monitor teams in education
  • Designed for individuals and teams
  • Send bespoke fitness sessions
  • Access thousands of exercise video demos
  • Gather stats on engagement, progress, pain levels, and mood


Coach and manage individuals and teams remotely
  • Designed for individuals and groups
  • Co-ordinate your coaching team
  • Send bespoke fitness plans
  • Gain individual feedback
Plan, train and track with one tool

Set programmes for your clients and follow their progress, even when they are at home.

Being able to help your clients stay fit and motivated even when you aren't there is something that all personal trainers are looking for - in normal times, let alone during a lockdown. It's working well and could be a real boost for the fitness industry.

Mike Evans

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer
Rio Ferdinand is passionate about staying fit and that comes across whenever he trains. Creating a bespoke programme and sending video examples of exercises for him to follow through Amplify Pro has proved really successful.

Mel Deane

Fitness and Health Professional

Fitness and Health Professional
Hopefully, these remote programmes, which are free to access, will help cricket coaches not only stay in contact during these tough times but also send out exercises to follow which are appropriate.

Darren Veness

Surrey's Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach

Surrey's Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach

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